MMS is SETAC's proprietary custom-built meeting management system. It is intended to provide the data handling infrastructure to support all of the needs of the meeting presenters, attendees, and organizers. On the front end, it handles the suggestion of ideas for sessions. Once these are culled through and finalized, it will handle the submission of presentation abstracts. From that point, the organizing committee's abstract reviewers will be able to view the submitted abstracts, determine their acceptance status, and organize them into the appropriate tracks and sessions.

Those responsible for the accepted abstracts will then be informed of the committee's decision via mass email functionality with the system. Prior to the meeting, they will then be able to upload their actual presentation files. During the meeting, the organizers will then be able to download the appropriate presentations by presentation, session or day/room in one operation.

The meeting attendees are able to use the planner functionality to view a web based meeting program, and are able to map out their own itinerary, selecting and marking the sessions that they'd like to attend. This itinerary can be sent via text message, email, or viewed on the web-based program.

MMS also supports student award judging. The judges are able to log into the system and both choose the presentations they'll judge, and submit their adjudications.

MMS also provides a facility to notify presenters and/or attendees via broadcast text message of any last minute changes or important news.